Our mission at Terrasus Academy
is to expand the circle of truly beautiful peopl

Terrasus Academy is a accredited school of the Association of Japanese Estheticians and Beauty Therapists (AJESTHE). We confer qualification as AJESTHE certified facial and body estheticians, and AJESTHE recognized experts of beautiful skin.

We aim to be a school that caters to all estheticians, from beginners to experienced practitioners, and from those aiming to open a salon to those wishing to design a new menu at their existing salon.

Our courses meet various needs such as small class sizes, one-on-one instruction, and on-site lessons in the salon setting. And through special programs, we offer constant learning opportunities for estheticians.

* Association of Japanese Estheticians and Beauty Therapists (AJESTHE)

Since its founding in 1972, AJESTHE has led the esthetic care scene in Japan. At present, it represents more than 100,000 estheticians. Since its establishment, it has conducted activities as the Japanese chapter of the Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO). Counting 130 corporate members and 145 accredited and registered schools, AJESTHE is the largest esthetic care organization in Japan.



Terrasus is a coinage combining “terra” (earth) with “sustainable.”

The name Terrasus Academy encapsulates the hope

of providing a place of learning for esthetician

who will help people living on Earth

lead healthy, beautiful lives into the future.

Not to live eternally—that isn’t possible—but

to sustain beautiful, fulfilling lives until the end.

Curriculum & Course

Introductory Course 3 days

Day 1 Japanese-style hospitality / Skin structure and functions
(Practice: Deep cleansing)
Day 2 Skin analysis / Esthetic counseling
(Practice: Equipment and hand techniques)
Day 3 Body functions and mechanisms / Body analysis
(Practice: Body / Other equipment / Review test)
  • Class time per day: 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Total: 22 hours 30 minutes分

Lower Intermediate Course 6 days

Day 1 Esthetic basics I / Skin functions and mechanisms I /
Facial practice
Day 2 Hygiene, disinfection, and nutrition knowledge I /
Esthetic manners / Facial practice
Day 3 Facial treatment basic knowledge /
Facial practice
Day 4 Biological activity and homeostasis I /
Body functions and mechanisms I / Body practice
Day 5 Esthetic counseling I /
Body practice
Day 6 Body treatment basic knowledge /
Body practice
  • Class time per day: 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Total: 45 hours

Intermediate Course 8 days

Day 1 Esthetic basics II / Skin functions and mechanisms II /
Facial practice
Day 2 Hygiene, disinfection, and nutrition knowledge II /
Esthetic manners / Facial practice
Day 3 Facial treatment issues /
Facial practice
Day 4 Biological activity and homeostasis II /
Body functions and mechanisms I / Body practice
Day 5 Esthetic counseling II /
Body practice
Day 6 Body treatment issues /
Body practice
7日目 Pregnancy mechanisms / Pregnancy care requirements /
Facial practice
8日目 Pregnancy precautions /
Body practice
  • Class time per day: 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Total: 60 hours

Upper Intermediate Course 5 days

Day 1 Importance of skin contact / Beauty with the five senses /
Facial practice
Day 2 Facial counseling theory / Facial counseling practice / Facial practice
Day 3 Skin care theory by condition /
Facial practice by condition
Day 4 Body counseling theory / Body counseling practice / Body practice
Day 5 Hair and makeup practice

* Attendance in the Lower Intermediate and Intermediate courses is a requirement

  • Class time per day: 7 hours 30 minutes
  • Total: 37 hours 30 minutes

Advanced Course 14–30 days

This course is for students aiming to obtain qualification as a certified esthetician (Japanese proficiency is a requirement). The course is designed to prepare students for the written and practical divisions of the certification examination. Students will work toward passing the examination while gaining job experience at an esthetic salon in Japan. Attendance in the A.S School upper intermediate course is a requirement.

  • Total: 100 hours
Advanced Course

Team of highly specialized instructors

All instructors in Japan are members of the Association of Japanese Estheticians and Beauty Therapists (AJESTHE), and either AJESTHE certified instructors or national qualification holders.
All are members of the Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (CIDESCO), the world standard in beauty and spa therapy.
The instructors are equipped with expert knowledge and skills coupled with abundant experience in training estheticians in Japan.

Yumiko Yoshino

Yumiko Yoshino
  • K.K. A.S Company representative director
  • K.K. Terrasus representative director
  • Yumi Biotechnology (Shanghai) Ltd. representative
  • PTIA representative chair
  • Spa Wellness Japan Association member

Yumiko Yoshino boasts a 25-year-long career in the esthetic industry spanning salon management, salon operation, employee education, and technical instruction. After working as a music teacher, she married and gave childbirth, and was feeling troubled by her spoiled health and figure during parenting when she encountered esthetic care. Moved by the results—it restored her health and left her figure more toned than in her youth—Yoshino decided to deliver the magical experience of esthetic services to others, and opened the first Lunasia salon in Kyoto in 1995.

She established A.S. Company in 2003, and currently operates five salons in Kyoto and Osaka, where she focuses on fostering human resources and has produced many estheticians.

In a rare move in the esthetic industry, where services are generally performed by machine, Yoshino has compiled an original menu based on manual treatments, incorporating the approach and techniques of Eastern medicine and realizing not merely beauty on the surface but beauty that comes with good health. The methods she has developed for regaining the body’s overall balance and maintaining beautiful skin, posture, and figure include the Yumiko Slimming Method, established through 25 years of experience. Having treated a total of 250,000 customers in the course of her career, Yoshino continues to enjoy popularity.

In addition to salon management, she operates an AJESTHE accredited school. She also engages in the planning and sales of original products.

Shigehito Sasaki

Sigehito Sasaki
  • Asia International Beauty Association (AIBA) China representative
  • Oriental Prestige Education Management Ltd. (Hong Kong) chairman
  • Beauty and Healthcare News Inc. China bureau manager
  • Asia Beauty Association (ABA) president
  • INFA Japan China representative
  • Asia Ozone Beauty Association

Shigehito Sasaki joined the beauty business as a hair and makeup artist, and through jobs, found the opportunity to study color analysis and personal color consulting at the Color Me Beautiful Japan school in Europe.

He later took a short-term study abroad course at a beauty school in California, obtained certification as a general agent in Japan for American products, and was engaging in this business when he met his partner in Taiwan and began salon operation and product manufacturing there.

Sasaki has acquired skills in osteopathy and developed a new set of health and beauty techniques.

Having built connections in the esthetic, hair, and “refresh salon” circles, he took part in efforts to expand a business of large-scale beauty salon complexes, and came to perform services in all areas of the beauty industry.

His work with Jupiter Shop Channel started with OEM production and guest appearances, led to the development of beauty products and the production of themed programs, and culminated in his hit creations.

When helping to reconstruct a friend’s salon, Sasaki visited Shanghai and was fascinated by the potentials of the beauty business in China.

He relocated there in 2008, made inroads in the Chinese beauty industry, and today serves as a bridge between Japan and the rest of Asia as China representative of the Asia International Beauty Association (AIBA).

Sasaki continues to strive for the growth of the beauty industry in both Japan and China.

Kiyomi Lee

Kiyomi Lee
  • AJESTHE certified instructor
  • CODES Japon certified socio-esthetician
  • CIDESCO licensed international esthetician
  • Certified total esthetic adviser
  • Certified hygiene manager

Kiyomi Lee boasts 30 years of experience in the esthetic industry. Having completed esthetic school, she studied facial, body, epilation, nails, and makeup, and obtained her first qualification in 1993 as a CIDESCO licensed international esthetician.

In the course of performing salon work as an esthetician and coming into contact with the skin and body of various customers, Lee recognized the importance of counseling, as skin and body concerns never simply end with the skin and body, but are linked to the customer's lifestyle and matters of the mind.

After childbirth, Lee enrolled in Ritsumeikan University and joined the College of Letters psychology course (currently the College of Comprehensive Psychology) as an adult learner, and at the same time, sought to brush up her skills as an esthetician by obtaining the highest esthetic qualification in Japan as a certified total esthetic adviser.

Studying psychology at university for five years piqued her interest in socio-esthetic services for the socially vulnerable—in Japan, called the third domain of esthetic care following general and medical—and inspired her to obtain qualification as a CODES Japon certified socio-esthetician. Since 2010, Lee has provided services as a socio-esthetician at long-term care institutions for the elderly, foster homes for children, palliative care wards, and psychosomatic medicine departments.

As an AJESTHE certified instructor, Lee worked for seven years as part-time lecturer at a junior college before being named instructor of AJESTHE headquarters in 2016. At present, she concurrently serves as full-time instructor at AJESTHE accredited school A.S School, where she provides theory and skill instruction to brush up the skills of estheticians.

As a socio-esthetician, Lee provided services in 2018 for people living with HIV/AIDS at La Maison de Vie (France), inaugurated by Princess Stéphanie of Monaco. Driven by the belief that esthetic care is a tool not merely for making people beautiful but for approaching the mind and the body, offering hope and dreams, and improving quality of life (QOL), Lee hopes to continue devoting her energies to the development of esthetic services and estheticians.

Keiko Kuwata

Keiko Kuwata
  • AJESTHE certified instructor
  • CODES Japon certified socio-esthetician
  • CIDESCO licensed international esthetician
  • L'Association Médicale pour la Promotion de la Phytothérapie (AMPP) certified medical phytotherapist
  • Career consultant / Industrial counselor
  • High school teacher first class license / Middle school teacher first class license

After graduating from university, Keiko Kuwata obtained qualification as a licensed international esthetician and opened her own esthetic salon. Encountering customers with not only skin concerns but also various emotional problems, she was inspired to obtain qualification as a socio-esthetician, and at the same time, to brush up her skills as an esthetician by obtaining the highest esthetic qualification in Japan as a certified total esthetic adviser.

As a socio-esthetician, Kuwata set up a business of visiting psychiatric hospitals and homes for the elderly. While providing services at hospitals, she dealt with patients suffering from chemotherapy and decided to deepen her knowledge and skills by studying phytotherapy and obtaining qualification as a L'Association Médicale pour la Promotion de la Phytothérapie (AMPP) certified medical phytotherapist, an area of plant-derived medicine closest to medical care that is taught at medical school in France.

Further, Kuwata sought to acquire counseling skills and obtained qualification as an industrial counselor. She provided counseling for employee psychological disorders and at stress care wards, at times using esthetic techniques as a tool, and served as an adviser in worker stress care, psychological health management, stress checks, and reinstatement support.

Having witnessed customers undergoing the treatment of illness and long-term care, and despite such difficulties, striving to maintain their connection with society (work, income, interaction with other people), Kuwata wished to acquire skills for helping people in adverse circumstances in various life stages, and obtained qualification as a career consultant. Esthetic care in Japan today has surpassed making people beautiful and become a tool for making people beautiful in mind, skin, and body. Kuwata hopes to elevate it further into a social requirement of tomorrow.

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